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Introducing the SingleSleeve!    
An exciting, fun and economical way to meet other singles!

Consider this scenario. You're single and at a club. You spot an attractive individual. At that instant thoughts race through your mind; I wonder if they're single? Now, however, it is an easy task to identify another's single status if the drink in their hand displays the

The SingleSleeve is a patent pending, trademarked, decorated reusable beverage covering that is specially designed to signify a person's single status. It functions similar to a slap-band bracelet but instead wraps around cans, bottles, glasses and coffee cups. The intent of the SingleSleeve is to display one's own single status while helping to identify others with the same goal. Just slap it on and you're ready to tell others you're approachable, available and open to conversation! The SingleSleeve is an awesome icebreaker for those wanting to meet new friends...and who knows? Maybe you'll meet the next Mr. or Mrs. right!